QNUPS offer a tax-efficient way to increase the value of your pension fund. They are international pension schemes with no lifetime limit on contributions. Cash and assets transferred to a QNUPS are exempt from UK inheritance tax and QNUPS allow you to pass your entire fund to loved ones on your death.

Key benefits of QNUPS

Qualifying non-UK pension schemes offer significant potential benefits:

  • Contribute non-UK cash and assets including employment income and gifts
  • No lifetime limit on contributions
  • Exempt from UK inheritance tax and free from UK capital gains tax
  • No maximum age limit for investing in QNUPS fund
  • Transfer 100% of fund to your beneficiaries
  • Draw income at age 55 or up until age 75 - potentially later
  • No restrictions on residence
  • Up to 30% tax-free lump sum
  • No UK HMRC reporting requirements

QNUPS must be used carefully and their suitability depends on your personal and financial circumstances. It is essential to get advice from a qualified pension specialist before you open a QNUPS.

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